Ergonomic Chairs should be made for you based on size and weight.

Ergonomic Chairs should be made for you based on size and weight.

When searching for uncomfortable office chair solutions, ergonomic chairs, chairs that stop back pain you often see chair companies with bold claims such as Premium ergonomic chair, back support computer chairs, seat cushions and eliminate back pain, boost circulation and so on. 

We all know that healthy seating is important due to the amount of time we spend in a chair at a home or office but comfort is not the only thing we should be searching for. A so called ergonomic chair can be padded to be comfortable but not maintain the correct posture to align your spine over time. What most people fail to mention is too much padding or reclining and headrest are not designed with you in mind. 

Your body needs to maintain a proper S curve. When standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time, people with low Postural Fitness tend to have a “C” curve according to the American posture institute.  When you are bent as a C shape your core muscles lose proper back support. 

Each Ergolab ergonomic chair is designed by your height and weight. We designed it this way based on working on the proper height, Sit stand desk locations, patented technology we spent researching and over a decade of production in the ergonomic seating development. 

Our chair compared to other ergonomic chairs moves with you in a incline or recline position creating less pressure on hips and back by doing this we have created a chair that relieves up to 8X the amount of pressure on your lower discs, The back rest then moves with you as you go towards your workspace as well giving a gentle massage while working in the incline position. 

Most ergonomic chairs benefits only work while in the recline position. All though some of these chairs may have fancy names and designs that look like they are supporting you the benefits are not made for tasking positions. When the user sets up right the chair back is no longer present while working in the inclined ergonomic position . This again puts you back in the "C" positioning creating unhealthy pressure on the lower back and pushing your shoulders into position where you are not standing up straight or an S curve position.

Here is where you say, "Just another Company selling expensive office chairs." Which we would say try this while seated in your chair. Move towards the workspace and see how your shoulders are not pushed back. The Seat of the chair feels padded with no room for your lower discs to be fluid. We are not about selling chairs, We sell ergonomic solutions for your home or office. We have carefully added features to our chairs and design that only benefit the user for those, Like us, working in their chair for long periods of time. The Value is not in the money we receive from you purchasing our chairs but your testimony knowing we did something right for those working long hours in a chair that they purchase.

You may have heard before of taking posture breaks from sitting? this is due to chairs not exercising muscles while sitting. Your thumbs and fingers and arms pushed against a area relax your shoulders into a position that you then carry when standing up. You often see people in this shrugged position while walking around these muscles begin to tire put you in a position where your back then takes the pressure down to the legs. 

Why is our chair different based on size and weight? 

Our Ergonomic chair is designed to move with you, The back rest actually moves against your back maintaining the S curve. The seat based on user under and over 6 feet tall or over under 200lbs. We did this so that your legs get proper circulation by relieving pressure on the back. You will notice our seat has bushings that allow the whole seat to move as you go forward or backward as well. Each chair comes with two cylinders so that your seating experience is tall or short enough based on your height. Your legs also should be at the proper position to keep the best circulation. This is not done with chairs that are flat, padded, or fit your butt area. There needs to be enough movement in the pain so that your butt is positioned lower in the back to maintain a proper curve.

Where most companies spend their money on marketing, We spent our money on research and development and the highest grade components to last a lifetime.