Why our Chairs?

Long hours sitting at your desk, whether it be at your office or your home, can take its toll.  Finding the right chair to provide supportive seating for posture can make the difference in productivity and long-term health.

Regular office chairs, even if they claim to be highly ergonomic, or look like they would alleviate your back pain, will not if you lean forward to work with your hands.  And the old-fashioned mantra of keeping your thighs parallel to the floor as the “healthy way to sit” has been debunked by leading medical and ergonomic research for many years.  In fact, long term sitting in this “upright” position will lead to cumulative trauma disorder if you stay in this position without moving your body to relieve the stress on your spine and replenish blood flow to key muscle groups.

Our patented ZenWave™ motion provides unbinding, stress-free support as you lean forward in a natural position and protects your lower back from further injury. So instead of forcing you to bend at the lower back to position your hands on a keyboard or table, our STP chair allows you to pivot to move forward and eliminate up to 8 times the pressure on your lower intervertebral discs,  In other words, as you move, the chair adapts to your movements to massage the lumbar area of the spine, effectively increasing blood flow and nutrients throughout your entire body.