Hello - I have been using your Ergolab chair for a few months now, we received a few of them for use on tour with country touring group Little Big Town, and I have truly enjoyed this seat. It's very well designed, I can work for hours in comfort where in the past I have constantly been changing my seated position and posture.

Thanks for a great chair!

Josh Reynolds FOH Mixer - Little Big Town

I started using the Ergolab chair in desperation. Having a degenerative lower lumbar issue and a herniated L5/S1, most doctors had two recommendations, painkillers or surgery. Instead a combination of yoga and this chair have relieved me from a lifetime of suffering. I can sit at my desk for hours without issue. The lumbar support is customized and unique to each user's back, and the tilt function on the seat took away a source of aggravation I wasn't even aware existed. The armrests adjust too, which has actually helped with my carpal tunnel. I am blown away by this chair and recommend it to people who make a living sitting down, don't sacrifice your health for your career ever again!

Mathew S. Enger, Esq