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Stop The Pain Silver Edition Ergonomic Chair

A traditional chair creates unhealthy pressure points from the hip bones, the tailbone, and the legs which increase as you lean forward to work. Our Chairs support system rolls with you as you move back and forth, providing improved support without any harsh pressure on your body.  The unique flexing properties of the high-strength fiber-reinforced frame, combined with the precise variable tensioning of the mesh support system, allow weight and its corresponding pressure points to be optimally dispersed regardless of the position of the body.

Each chair comes with a pair of arms, a backrest, and 2 cylinders; one short cylinder to adjust for a standard height desk, and one tall cylinder, with a built-in footrest, to adjust for a sit-stand desk.

Each chair is accompanied by a comfortable seat and backrest made with a sturdy mesh to keep you cool and dry while working for extended periods of time. The seat is designed to move with you rather than against you, having a built-in suspension system designed to keep you seated properly relieving the pressure on your back.

The Silver Edition Chair shipped to you includes the following: 

  • Standard arms that raise up, down, and move in or out provide the best comfort for your arms.
  • A rectangle lumbar backrest that while moving with you.
  • 2 Cylinders: One Short and One Tall, for adjusting height for sit-stand desks or standard-height desks.
  • Triple lever for adjusting the back support, tilt, and height of the chair.


17 years ago we set out to change the way people sit. Modern chairs put you in a position where sitting may cause pressure on your vertebral discs, creating pressure points that eventually cause muscle fatigue and decrease blood flow to the lower back and legs that cause additional pain. 

With this in mind, we designed this chair from the ground up to relieve pressure points, featuring state-of-the-art triple-lever adjustment capabilities for your backrest, seat, and height. 

We offer two different packages for our chairs. The Silver and Platinum Editions vary on the functions and back support you desire for your chair. The difference between Silver Edition and the Platinum Edition chair is the rectangular back and the computer arms. See the Platinum Edition chair as well for more ergonomic support.

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